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The New Beginning Hunt 2015

This is a 1L hunt and is ran by Toxic Hunts, starts Jan 15-Feb 15. They’re 23 Sponsors and over 50 stores involved in this hunt great designers and high quality designs. So DO NOT miss this hunt!  Sacred Dreams is proud to be apart of this hunt along side of all the wonderful designers and crew.


Toxic Hunts Website:


In Celebration of my Real Life Birthday Yesterday!

I’m continuing the Sacred Dreams 50% off sale in celebration of my real life birthday yesterday. Everything is on sale except gacha’s. Come on in and be apart of the savings. Join our VIP group for monthly group gifts, and 3% credit back you can use for future purchases. Not valid while sale is in progress.Sacred Dreams Logo
Direct TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twilight%20Desires/87/88/2

New Changes @ Sacred Dreams

It’s a new year and a fresh new look to the store. This is something i’ve been planning to do now for awhile, but i’ve been so busy with real life i’ve had to put it on the back burner. I wanted a build that i would love to be in and my customers, that made customers comfortable, a layout that was easy,clean and sophisticated.I am very satisfied and happy with how things are coming along, i’m sure over the coming weeks ill be tweaking things here and there. 🙂  The Best news is we are now apart of the E2V system which i’m so excited about. NOW i can keep track of purchases better, redeliveries are available and a 3% store credit to all VIP’s to go towards future purchases and joining the group is free. I’m working on the gift cards so customers will be able to buy gift cards for their friends, and family. I feel now that Sacred Dreams is truly apart of this wonderful world of fashion, we are on par with giving customers 100% what they need in satisfaction and the shopping experience. Im currently working on a few new releases and we are in “The New Beginnings Hunt” which starts Jan 15. Lots happening this month so stop on into the store, send me a message if you have any ideas,or questions i would love to hear them. Last but not least i’ve retired all older collections to the marketplace to make room for new collections. Thank you all who have been with me, it truly means the world to me, to put smiles on peoples faces from creating items they love is a honor, without you all i wouldnt still be doing this, or striving to do better.

Much Love

Yas ❤

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Sacred Dreams Halloween Apparel Sale

ON now, outside of the store, all Halloween apparel is on sale, older outfits will be discontinued after this sale so come and grab the savings while you can. Lots to choose from including out GACHAs which are on sale.

Not sure how long i will have this sale for, so spread the word and don’t miss out.

Here’s your Spooky Ride:
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twilight%20Desires/87/97/23Sacred Dreams Halloween Apparel Sale Sign